9 August 2017

I set about - Argentina

THEME: I set about 

         We invite at cultural producers, artis, and anyone interested to participate in this topic, without age limit or profession. To express through the postal format your ideas, your experiences about to any kind of action in relation with undertake.
 Feel free about the topic.

- Deadline November 1, 2017
- Free Technique on rigid support cardboard, paper (drawing, collage, watercolor, acrylic ink, printing, engraving.)
- Postcard size only 10 x 15 cm
-  Each participant can send one or more postcards Works can be individual or collective.
-All participants will receive documentation of the exhibition in digital format.
-With the works received we are going to make an exhibition like an  urban intervention in Villa General Belgrano, Cordoba Argentina
 - It is also considered a Facebook page dedicated exclusively at this project.

Include: Your name, E-mail address
Sent by post:

1011 FACES

Open Call to mailArt / to share freely. "1011 faces of the world" Call to artist, draftsman and designer scribouillards and scribouillardes, mail artists of a day or forever. From this day created a mail Art on the theme "I am writing from Belgium" (or ...your country) Also... "1011 faces of the world" ... Recipient: one of the residents of the Red Cross Center /Young réfugiés... Address: ...... Sign up for 1011visagesdumonde@gmail.com and we will tell you the first name of the person to send your work to, so we will distribute the items to all residents. In October, an exhibition will be organized at the Red Cross Center. This exhibition will highlight the works received as well as those created by the residents in response to the first ... the 1011 mailart received by the post office at least hopefully will be sent to their Recipients and stored on the Web in a dedicated space for further exchanges. Join .... like ... https://www.facebook.com/mailartiss/

24 July 2017


Call for art

The Hoyt Gallery at the USC Keck School of Medicine presents “PAIN2”, a mail in art/postcard show featuring images depicting physical and mental pain.   PAIN2 will run from September 1 – Oct 27, 2017

Our hope is that PAIN2 will give medical students a visual representation of what their future patients will be going though.  We want them to see their patients as people, not just symptoms.  We need you to draw your personal pains.

Deadline for submissions is August 30th, 2017. 
PAIN2 is open to all visual artists worldwide.

Artists retain rights to submitted works, but grant Hoyt Gallery the rights to digital reproduction of their submission(s) to include on the Hoyt Gallery webpage, and PAINARTSHOW Facebook page.   www.facebook.com/PainArtShow/

Artists may send their pieces by postal mail to this address:  

C/O Curriculum Office
Keck School of Medicine at USC
1975 Zonal Avenue, KAM 200
Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA

All work should include Artist name, email address, and info on type of pain depicted.  

Artwork will not be returned.